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Magni Gyro

Join our family!

Magni Gyro srl is a family business based near Milan in the heart of Italy's aerospace region.  Established by gyro pioneer Vittorio Magni, his sons Luca and Pietro and many other family members all work in the business.  Every aircraft they build reflect their passion for gyroplanes - "good enough" is never an option! 

Magni M22C

Do you love to tour?

The M22 is a unique aircraft - combining the joy of open-cockpit flight with a huge luggage capacity and larger fuel tank.  With the M22 you can fly further - and still dress up for dinner! 

Find out more about the M22 here

Magni M16C


There is a simple reason why global adventurer James Ketchell chose the M16 for his record-breaking round-the-world flight - and that's because there is no gyro which can come close to it for performance, reliability and handling.

Whether you are going for  local sightseeing flight or planning a trip around the world, you can't beat the feeling of flying an M16!

More about the M16 here

Magni M24C

If  you love to fly gyros but want the sociability and comfort of a side-by-side enclosed cockpit then the M24 is the aircraft for you.  With Magni Gyro's legendary handling and class-leading reliability, you can be sure to get more out of your ownership experience with the M24 Orion.


Available with the either 115Hp Rotax 914 or the 141 Hp Rotax 915iS engine and a range of advanced avionics, there's an M24 that's right for you!

Find out more about the M24 here

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