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The Magni M16C is the workhorse of flying schools around the world - chosen for its ruggedness, reliability and superb flying characteristics.  With it's fuselage of chrome-moly steel, carbon-fibre cockpit and composite rotors it provides a flying experience which has become the industry benchmark for excellence. 

Equipped with the powerful and robust Rotax 914 turbocharged engine and dual controls, it is the ideal open-cockpit aircraft for both flying schools and private owners.

Clever use of digital instrumentation gives the instrument panel on the M16 a clean, uncluttered and extremely ergonomic look - with plenty of space available for your favourite GPS.  The rear seat instrument panel can be configured to give an instructor all the information required to easily monitor the aircraft from the back.

The M16 has a distinct "sit in" rather than "sit on" feel to the cockpit, giving a great sense of security and helping to keep both pilot and passenger out of the worst of the draughts.


The front seat is equipped with a cup holder (really!) and handy cubby-holes for your charts and equipment.  Optional storage bins underneath the front and rear seats keep the cockpit free of clutter.  

For full details of prices and options visit our M16 configurator page.

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