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M24C / M24C Plus

If you want all of the joy of flying a gyro but with the comfort of an enclosed cockpit and the sociability of side-by-side seating then the M24 is the aircraft for you.


The M24 is defined by Magni's industry leading handling and reliability, and uses the same composite rotor as the rest of the Magni Gyro fleet.  A clever offset seating arrangement means that there is plenty of shoulder room in the cockpit, and the extensive glazing means that there isn't much to get in the way of the view.  WIth speed, payload and capability challenging the most popular light helicopters, there is plenty to like about the M24.


The efficient, ergonomic packaging of the M24's instruments gives the panel a clean, uncluttered and ergonomically efficient look - why have half-a-dozen engine gauges scattered around the panel when a single full-colour instrument can tell you all you need to know?  The beautifully efficient design of the panel leaves plenty of space for advanced avionics and navigation displays.   

The M24 comes with the 115Hp Rotax 915 as standard, or with the 141Hp Rotax 915iS in the M24C Plus.  Whichever powerplant you choose,  the M24 gives you all the fun of a gyro with the comfort of a heated cabin.

For full details of pricing an options visit our M24 configurator page.

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