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You can never have too much of a good thing ...

.... which is why we never tire of visiting the Magni Gyro slr factory in Besnate Italy. It may be an early start in order to get the Easyjet flight from Gatwick to Milan Malpensa, but the excitement of the trip always blows away any weariness. There is always something new to see - this time our intrepid team of aviators saw one of the very first production Rotax 915 engines being fitted to an M24 for display at Aero Friedrichshafen as well as being given a tour of the production facilities and an opportunity to fly the M24 and the M16 "Magni style"! All guests are equal, but on this trip instructor Owen Brooking was more equal than others as on the Friday he saw some of the finishing touches being applied to his new M16 and was able to fly it for the first time on the Saturday.

Owen Brooking and Pietro Magni looking happy after flying Owen's new M16

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